Too Hot to Handle Cast Play Roast or Toast

When the first season of Netflix's reality dating competition series "Too Hot To Handle" dropped in April 2020, it was just what we needed to fill the void in the early days of quarantine, not the least of which because the rules of show -- that none of the contestants can engage in any physical, intimate contact -- was something we could all relate to! Now Season 2 is finally here and the stakes are even higher with all the new production & safety protocols, but that didn't stop the love from flowing! Young Hollywood catches up with contestants (and couples) Melinda Melrose and Peter Vigilante, Carly Lawrence and Joey Joy, and Nathan Webb to get all the juicy scoop on their experience on the show and their love lives when the cameras are off with a game of "Roast or Toast"! Find out the last person each hooked up with, what two things they would never reveal on a first date, and what their body count is, and those who refuse to answer have to take a bite of a nasty flavored s'more!

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July 25, 2021 | by Young Hollywood