The Sleepover Cast Reveal The Best On-Set Hype-Person

Netflix's newest family comedy, 'The Sleepover', brings together multi-generational talent to tell the story of a couple of siblings discovering that their seemingly normal mom is not what she seems -- adventure and shenanigans ensue! Young Hollywood hops on Zoom with the incredibly talented cast, including youngsters Sadie Stanley ('Kim Possible'), Maxwell Simkins ("Bizaardvark"), Cree Cicchino ("Game Shakers"), and Lucas Jaye ('Merry Happy Whatever'), as well as grownups Malin Akerman ('Watchmen') and Ken Marino ("Children's Hospital"), to get the scoop on their experiences working on the film! The kids tell us about encountering each other before getting cast and reveal the best hype-person on set among them, and Malin and Ken tell us their premiere day plans for the film and sing the praises of their young co-stars! 'The Sleepover' is now streaming on Netflix!

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August 27, 2020 | by Young Hollywood