The Baby-Sitters Club Star Explains The Name of Her Co-Stars' Group Chat

Generations of young girls have grown up with 'The Baby-Sitters Club'. The book series about a group of teen friends working together is one that we can all relate to, no matter the decade. Now, Netflix has brought in a whole new appreciation for the stories with its "The Baby-Sitters Club" adaptation series, and it hit us right in the nostalgia feels this summer! Actress Shay Rudolph, who plays the posh Upper West Side treasurer for the BSC, Stacey McGill, joins Young Hollywood on Zoom to tell us all about her incredible experience working on the show and how her character taught her a thing or two about fashion! She also explains how each character is so relatable that we can see parts of ourselves in every one of them, plus she tells us how she has been keeping up with her castmates during quarantine and plays a "Game of Lasts"!

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August 14, 2020 | by Young Hollywood