Sex Education's Asa Butterfield & Mimi Keene on Otis & Ruby's Relationship

Heads up, Otis x Rudy shippers, this one's for you! Things are heating up between main character Otis Milburn and his illicit fling with Moordale Secondary's it girl Ruby Matthews in Season 3 of Netflix's hit teen comedy series "Sex Education", and we cannot get enough -- and neither can the actors who play them! Young Hollywood hits up Otis and Ruby themselves, AKA Asa Butterfield and Mimi Keene, over Zoom to talk more about their deliciously complicated on-screen relationship and how both of their characters will come out of the experience changed for the better! They also share their thoughts on the impact the show has had on real-life teens struggling with their sexuality, plus they sing the praises of new castmembers Jason Isaacs, Dua Saleh, and Jemima Kirke and reveal their favorite characters from the show!

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September 22, 2021 | by Young Hollywood