Outer Banks Star Rudy Pankow on Playing Tom Holland's Brother in Uncharted

Ever since he landed his breakout role as JJ in Netflix's hit series "Outer Banks", it's been full speed ahead for actor Rudy Pankow! Now, he's made the giant leap from the small screen to the blockbuster film 'Uncharted', where he plays Samuel Drake, the brother of Tom Holland's video game character Nathan Drake! Young Hollywood catches up with Rudy over Zoom to chat more about his experience working on this much-anticipated movie, including the vibe on set and the support he received from his "Outer Banks" co-stars! We also play a game of "This or That?" with him to find out his thoughts on Instagram comments versus TikTok comments, filming TV shows versus filming movies, and, most importantly, Jonathan Daviss versus Chase Stokes!


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March 02, 2022 | by Young Hollywood