Mitchel Musso Talks New Music & Iconic Hannah Montana Moments

Celebrities who we literally grew up with just hit different. Mitchel Musso definitely falls into that category, having grown up on-screen as we grew up watching him as on the Disney Channel's now-iconic sitcom "Hannah Montana". In the years since the show wrapped, Mitchel has cultivated his music career, proving that Oliver Oken wasn't just a TV show thing! Young Hollywood sits down with Mitchel to discuss his latest releases, including his mixtape 'Ghost' and new singles 'Experience' and 'Volcano', and the biggest difference between creating music for a company (Disney) and creating music in his own home studio. We also take a stroll down Memory Lane with him by looking back on his "Hannah Montana" days, his favorite moments from filming the series, and even his stints on the now-infamous Disney Games!

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November 09, 2022 | by Young Hollywood