Interview With The Vampire's Jacob Anderson Tests His Knowledge About Anne Rice's Series

We are happy to report that this interview with a vampire went a lot more smoothly than the one Anne Rice concocted decades ago! Jacob Anderson first jumped into the pop culture zeitgeist in his understated role as the Unsullied warrior Grey Worm on "Game of Thrones", but he has gotten the chance of a lifetime to really show his stuff in AMC's adaptation of Rice's celebrated novel, "Interview with the Vampire" as Louis de Pointe du Lac (the same role Brad Pitt played in the '90s movie--nbd!). We sit down with Jacob to talk all things vampires and more with a little trivia game that tests his knowledge not only about himself but his epic series! He also reveals his initial reaction to booking the role and whether or not he has read all the books in Rice's 'The Vampire Chronicles' series yet, plus he sings the praises of his co-star Sam Reid, who plays Lestat!

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November 14, 2022 | by Young Hollywood