How That '90s Show Changed Star Callie Haverda's Life

When "That '70s Show" first premiered in the late-'90s, it changed the lives of its young cast forever, catapulting them to stardom. So it's no surprise that much of the same has happened for the new cast of Netflix's spinoff series "That '90s Show", especially its teenage star Callie Haverda, who plays the daughter of Topher Grace and Laura Prepon's OG characters, Eric and Donna. Young Hollywood sits down with Callie to chat all about this whirlwind experience and how it has affected her life, including being recognized in public and how aware she was of the original show's legacy. She also talks about finding out that the show had been renewed via a Zoom call, her Our Era Magazine cover shoot, and the show's big premiere night, plus she reveals how she relates to her character, Leia, in real life and discusses a crazy moment of history repeating itself when she experiences her first kiss on the set of this show -- just like Mila Kunis did in the original! "That '90s Show" is now streaming on Netflix!

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February 09, 2023 | by Young Hollywood