Ginny & Georgia's Norah & Abby Discuss Character Growth in Season 2

Somewhere between "Gilmore Girls" and "Euphoria", you will find "Ginny & Georgia", Netflix's hit dramedy about a mother-daughter duo that is in equal parts heartwarming and provocative! At the core of daughter Ginny's world are her close friends, which includes the caring Norah and the insecure Abby. With Season 2 now out into the world, Young Hollywood catches up with these besties themselves, Chelsea Clark and Katie Douglas, via Zoom to find out how their characters have evolved and grown over the past two seasons and what other characters from the show that they personally relate to, They also discuss how their on-screen high school experience compares to their real-life one, contemplate a "Euphoria" crossover, and reveal whether they are Team Marcus or Team Hunter, plus we play a game of "Who Would You...?" to find out which member of the friend group that Chelsea and Katie think would be internet famous, be obsessed with Olivia Rodrigo, be bffs with Georgia, and more!

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January 08, 2023 | by Young Hollywood