Ginny & Georgia's Austin Talks Season 2 & Plays Beanboozled

Aside from just being a fantastic show, Netflix's "Ginny & Georgia" is also responsible for introducing us to a slew of new and emerging young talents. One of these is Diesel La Torraca, who comes to us all the way from Australia to play Austin Miller, Georgia's son and Ginny's half-brother, and Season 2 of the series is giving him way more time to shine! Young Hollywood sits down with the tween star for a chat and a good old-fashioned candy haul! In between bites of spicy jelly beans and some of the most sour candy he's ever encountered, Diesel talks to us about the biggest differences between filming Season 1 and Season 2, his favorite inside jokes with his co-stars, and whether or not the show has set up any expectations for him when it comes to attending high school in the future. He also contemplates guest star roles for the likes of Zac Efron and Zendaya, plus stick around for a lively game of Beanboozled! "Ginny & Georgia" Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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