Getting to Know 13 Reasons Why's Newest Castmember JanLuis Castellanos

The fourth and final season of Netflix's intense drama series "13 Reasons Why" introduces us to football star Diego Torres, who is here to stir things up at Liberty High and make life difficult for his fellow students and teammates. But just like all the other villains on the show, the actor playing him could not be more different from his on-screen alter ego! Meet the ultra-dreamy and uber-charming JanLuis Castellanos, who joins Young Hollywood via Zoom from his mom's picturesque house in New Jersey where he is quarantining! We are keen to get to know more about JanLuis, including his casting process for the role of Diego and how he has personalized the character. Plus we dig a little deeper by quizzing him on his typical daily routine, like the first thing he does in the morning, his go-to breakfast, his favorite workout, the last thing he does before bed, and more!

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June 07, 2020 | by Young Hollywood