Bella Thorne Talks Game of Love & Reveals How She Preps For Kissing Scenes

We have been following Bella Thorne's career since her tween Disney days, dancing with Zendaya on "Shake It Up" and collabing with IM5, and watching her take on all sorts of diverse roles in the decade since, from horror to comedy to fantasy. With her new drama 'Game of Love', she gets to flex her romantic chops (and her executive producing skills!) and we are here for it! Young Hollywood catches up with Bella via Zoom to find out more about this project, including how she prepares herself for kissing scenes in general! She also tells us about some of her favorite roles to play and the one project of hers she will go back and re-watch from time to time, plus she reveals the one comment she gets all the time from fans and we play a game of "This or That" to find out her thoughts on red carpets, date nights, and, of course, her favorite topic of all time: food!

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November 07, 2022 | by Young Hollywood