Amanda Seyfried on Sharing the Scooby-Doo Experience With Her Daughter

When actress Amanda Seyfried was a kid, she, like many of us, loved watching "Scooby-Doo"! The story of the clever canine and his mystery-solving pals has entertained us for generations, whether it was on television or in the movie theatre or, in the case of the new movie 'Scoob!', available on streaming! 'Scoob!' brings the iconic characters back to their animated roots for a whole new generation of kids (and adults) to enjoy. Amanda joins Young Hollywood via Zoom to give us the scoop on her experience voicing the classic character of Daphne Blake and what the character means to her. She tells us about how excited she was to be able to introduce the Scooby universe to her own daughter and share something she loved as a child with her own child. She also reveals her favorite activity to keep her occupied during quarantine (spoiler alert: it's something she loved to do in normal times too!), plus we ask her to name her favorite Scooby Snack!

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