All American's Michael Evans Behling on Season 5 & Samantha Logan Memes

New season of "All American", new chat with star Michael Evans Behling! Season 5 of the hit CW series is airing and filming simultaneously, and Young Hollywood catches up with our buddy MEB over Zoom during a break in filming to get his thoughts on fan reactions so far, the best IRL football players in the cast, and what NFL players he'd love to see on the show! Michael also reveals which character from one of his other favorite shows, "Euphoria", he thinks his character Jordan would be friends with, plus we play a little "It Me Trivia" to find out how well Michael remembers some of his previous interviews, the scores of recent college football games, and the birthdays of his co-stars! Finally, Michael scoops us on his new partnership with Irish Spring soap!

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January 02, 2023 | by Young Hollywood