Digital Star Jack Wright on Why He Loves Halloween

When you attend an event called "Nights of the Jack", it only makes sense to bring your own Jack with you! And that is just what Young Hollywood does when we head to L.A.'s spectacular Nights of the Jack event, an immersive experience that puts you fully in the Halloween spirit! Accompanying us on our adventure is none other than influencer and Netflix's "Hype House" star Jack Wright, along with a few of his fellow social media buddies Keith Pagnani, Mason Rizzo, Max Liebert, and Makayla Storms. As the fivesome stroll the grounds of the event and check out all the cool attractions, they tell us some of their biggest fears, their favorite Halloween candies, and why they love Halloween, plus Jack reveals what other social star he would totally dress up as this year!

October 12, 2022 | by Young Hollywood