Adam Levine snubs Cowell's talent show battle offer

Published: 02-22-2012

Adam Levine has dismissed Simon Cowell's idea for the winners of the top talent shows to fight it out in one huge TV spectacular, insisting the music mogul is "hellbent on competing" with his rivals.

Cowell is eager to up the stakes of his talent show empire by pitching the next winner of The X Factor against the champions of his former programme American Idol and newcomer The Voice.

In a recent Tweet, the star wrote, "Maybe the winner of The X Factor USA this yr (year) should compete with (the) winner of The Voice + (American) Idol in a super final. Just a thought. I'd be up for it."

However, Levine, who sits on The Voice's judging panel, is less than impressed with Cowell's big plan, and fears the quality of his series would suffer if it was pitted against its competitors.

He tells Access Hollywood, "Simon’s just so clever. He’s so hell bent on competing with other shows. We’re not really interested in a way... That’s kind of a cool idea, actually, but I’m not so sure we’re totally interested in what everyone else is doing.

"We’re just kind of worrying about what we do ‘cause we all know the more we worry about everybody else, the more the quality of what you’re doing tends to suffer. So, we want to just do what we do."