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YH Teams With H&M to Go Green For Spring!

Written by Katie Marzullo. Published: March 12 2013


One can’t put a finer point on the fact that it’s more important now than ever to be environmentally conscious. If you have access to the internet or television, or if you, ya know, go outside, it’s pretty obvious. But going hand-in-hand with being eco-friendly is simply not being wasteful.


Plenty of celebs out there have used their fame and influence to shed light on many green initiatives, and when it was brought to our attention that we too – Young Hollywood – could contribute to the cause, why would we NOT jump on board?


It all started with the H&M Conscious campaign. The clothing retailer, already known for giving the average joe/jane access to designer-quality duds without designer-quality prices, has launched a fantastic initiative aimed at getting people to be smarter about disposing of unwanted items taking up space in their closets. Just in time for Spring Cleaning, H&M is encouraging everyone looking to get rid of old clothes to bag ‘em up, take ‘em to their nearest H&M storefront, and recycle them where they will be used to make entirely new garments! To further entice you to bring in your old threads, H&M is also giving away 15% off vouchers!


So, let’s review: clear space in your closet, help save the environment, and get a discount at your nearest H&M store. Why would you NOT take advantage of this??


YH certainly is – all this month, we are asking our celebrity friends to donate one unused item from their own closets for us to personally recycle via H&M’s Conscious campaign. Stay tuned to see which generous stars are making contributions!


We love being able to help H&M reach their goal of encouraging people to make better choices and be responsible when it comes to getting rid of their old stuff. For more info on the initiative, and to see our own Tracy Behr put it into action, check out the video below!



Now, get cleanin’!


- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor

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