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YH Goes 1-on-1 with "Pretty Little" Lucy Hale

Written by . Published: July 21 2010

I had the opportunity to talk to Lucy Hale about her hot show, her TV faves, and her own beauty basics: Here’s how the convo went down!


ME: You have beautiful skin! What's your secret? Any favorite products?

LUCY: Aw, too sweet! I never go to bed with makeup on. I moisturize, use sunscreen, eye cream... you name it. I would recommend for everyone to get a great dermatologist. Mine has made a world of a difference with my skin! I am a huge fan of all of Neutrogena's products. Also, the Clarisonic brush is fantastic.


Lucy recently talked to finalists in the Skintimate Studios program. The all-girl film crews shoot short films and compete for a $500 scholarship prize.


ME: Congrats on "Pretty Little Liars" being picked up for a 2nd season! Any spoilers you can spill?

LUCY: Thanks so much! You can expect much more scandal, secrets, and of course lies :) Lots of romance as well!


ME: What advice do you have for young hopefuls trying to break into the industry?

LUCY: Make sure you want it for the right reasons and because you love it. Be able to learn from the negative and be okay with rejection. Also, take every opportunity you can get! You never know what small things can lead to.


ME: What is some of the best advice you've ever gotten (career or otherwise)?

LUCY: “Always Stay grateful and remember where you came from.” (my mom); and "Don't smoke." (my grandma)


ME: As a TV star, do you watch a lot of TV? What's your favorite show?

LUCY: I adore TV! Right now I am really into "Glee," "Modern Family," "True Blood"... old reruns of "The Office" and "Friends." I love documentaries as well and anything on Discovery Health Channel.


Watch Lucy Tuesdays on "Pretty Little Liars" at 8 on ABC Family.

Video: YH on the set with Lucy Hale

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