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Bands to Watch: FORGET ME IN VEGAS

Written by . Published: July 20 2010


Here at Young Hollywood, we are always on the go looking for the next “it” entertainers.


Thanks to the glory of Twitstalking, we were able to come across this new little band with high ambitions, and we just can’t wait to tell you all about them!


Forget Me In Vegas is a band you will surly not forget once you've heard them. With a strong local following in Rochester, New York, this pop/punk band has catchy hooks and a style that will make you think blink-182 meets Cobra Starship.


Starting a year ago when lead guitarist, Kevin Harrington, jumped on a show as an opener for Mayday Parade, Chris Wurzburg (lead vocals), Jamie Okrzynski (rhythm guitar), Joel Rice (bass/backup vocals), and Tyre Outerbridge (drums) all formed together after they met through playing at other shows. The five of them knew they had a style that couldn’t be beat. Since then, they’ve gone through many lineup changes until about 6 months ago when they put together their current lineup.


After they get back from their first tour together as Forget Me In Vegas, they plan to finish recording their first full-length album in the early fall. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!


We have already gotten a preview of their sound, and let me be the first to tell you—they rock! You can check out their style and their lineup by visiting their MySpace page.


Make sure you check them out because you don’t want to miss out on this band. If you like what you hear, let us know and spread the word!

Good luck boys! We know you’re going to make it big!


More info: twitter.com/ForgetMeInVegas


(Image via Jamie Okrzynski/Forget Me In Vegas)


- Traci Feller, YH Staff