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YH AT HOME with Stephen Sharer

05-21-2020 by Katie Marzullo

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WhenStephen Sharer first started his YouTube channel with his brother Carter only three years ago, he could not have predicted his meteoric rise to Internet fame, but that is just what happened after posting his very first video, and now, 8 million subscribers later (and counting), he is a bona fide member of YouTube's elite content creators!


Though the circumstances around the Quarantine are unquestionably sad and tragic, it can’t be ignored that it has created a unique opportunity for all online content creators – not only have they been forced to be even more creative with limited resources, but they have more eyeballs on them than ever. This is fact certainly not lost on Stephen Sharer.


Stephen joined Young Hollywood via Zoom where we learned more about his daily life both on and off the video platform, and he explained how he's had to adapt his content during the Quarantine, being mindful of the fact that many of his fans are now being homeschooled and more families are watching content together. We also found out what other YouTube channels he likes to watch -- spoiler alert: A LOT; turns out, he doesn't watch much television or Netflix but watches just about everything on YouTube… and we meaneverything!


We also found out what other fellow YouTubers he'd love to collaborate with some day, plus he revealed his favorite platforms for interacting with his fans!


Check out our full chat with Stephen Sharer below!