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Yes Loki Is Bisexual and Yes It Matters!

Written by Sophia Soto. Published: June 29 2021
(Marvel Entertainment/Disney+)


Seeing yourself represented in your favorite film or TV series is one of the best feelings as an audience member -- but there’s a caveat. Audiences want good and real representation. Creating a token character just for a diversity check mark is definitely not the way to go and will be noticed, as will making your only form of representation a side character that barely gets any screen time. So naturally, the revelation of Loki’s sexuality had fans emotional in the best way.




Marvel villain-we-love-to-love Loki got his own Disney+ series this year, which was highly anticipated, and in last week’s episode, they officially addressed his sexuality in a scene where it is discussed is between Loki and Sylvie. In canon, Loki is bisexual. The character has been in the MCU since 2011, starring in the first Thor film and last appearing in Avengers: Endgame (for now). He is portrayed by fan favorite, Tom Hiddleston.


What makes this form of representation so beautiful and important is that Loki has always been such a beloved character, but he is also a lead character. Now, we have not gotten to actually explore this quite yet, but hopefully this is the start and something we will get to in the future of both the Loki series and Marvel films.




Kate Herron, director and executive producer of the series, tweeted about the personal importance of this. Herron shared that her goal was to acknowledge that Loki was bisexual, writing that it is part of who he is as well as who she is as well. Confessing that while this revelation is only a “small step”, she expresses her happiness about this now officially being canon in the MCU.




This episode also aired during Pride Month! While we definitely have a long way to go when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation, this definitely means a lot to so many people. New episodes of "Loki" are released Wednesdays on Disney+!