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Will Adam Sandler Strike Awards Season Gold with 'Uncut Gems'?!

09-25-2019 by Maryssa Rillo

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Have you heard the new Adam Sandler news? Well, if you haven’t, go hide your belongings and gear up for this one. Ready? Sandler has officially traded in his signature silliness for a more serious, bad boy role in a Safdie Brothers thriller for A24 called Uncut Gems. For a peak at Sandler’s intense new role, take a look at the official trailer below:




Like me, you're probably not used to seeing Sandler with all that facial hair, or the piercings… but I kind of dig the look, don’t you? The movie looks so exciting! The film is about Howard, played by Adam Sandler, and his impetuous bets with other people’s money. Though he thinks this one big bet is going to pay off, the trailer seems to indicate something different. Howard winds up putting not only himself but his girlfriend (Idina Menzel) and livelihood in jeopardy.



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I really cannot get over how badass Sandler looks as a thug. He really looks the part. He’s got that all black leather style and his facial hair helps give him that grungy, slum look. Based on the trailer, it seems like Sandler’s acting also convinces us that our favorite comedian can also convincingly play a dangerous man in a thriller. I’m excited to find out.



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Though Sandler plays the main character in this film, he isn’t the only star to take part in the movie. In addition to Menzel, the movie also features Julia Fox and LaKeith Stanfield, plus Kevin Garnett andThe Weeknd, who both play themselves. Wow! With this cast, you know the movie is going to be great!



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Well, we kind of know that the movie is going to be great because it already received so much praise when it premiered at the Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival slate, and Sandler himself has been generating a lot of Awards Season buzz. I guess we will have to wait until December 13 to see the film for ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to figure out if this gamble really payed off.



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