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Why You Should Be Spending Money on Experiences Rather Than Things!

Written by Jana Rosenberg. Published: February 27 2016


When you're young, it is so easy to get caught up in all of the materialistic things that life has to offer. Nowadays, and more than ever, it seems like there is so much out there to “need” in order to stay on top of all the trends that are constantly changing. I mean, it’s truly hard to keep up, am I right?


But here’s the thing I’ve come to realize (yes, even as the 21-year-old trend and style junky that I am): materialistic things will only last so long. There will always be a new must-have beauty product, a new pair of shoes that every celebrity is rocking, and accessories that you swear you’ll wear everyday. But guess what? We all know… you probably won’t. Hence the reason that it’s so important to remember how much more valuable real-life experiences are.


Spring is right around the corner, and I already know everyone’s sights are set on a new Spring wardrobe. That’s normal, and mine usually is too… BUT this year, try changing your focus. Once you do, you will most definitely thank yourself later! Here are some ideas to help spark your adventurous side along with reasons that trump spending your funds on the materialistic lifestyle you may have been living:


1. Vacations

The world has so many unique locations to offer, and the memories you create on those vacations will be looked back on foreverrrrr. The Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots you just had to have? Mmm, not so much looked back on as much a trip to Europe with family or friends (no matter how much they straight-up #slay because trust me, I know they do). No matter how old you are, taking a week or two off from your regular day-to-day can never do any harm. In fact, it only can do some serious good.

Reason: The great J-Biebs did once say (or sing) “never say never”, but in this case, the memories you make on vacations never go out of style. Over the knee boots? Unfortunately… yeah, they probably will.


2. Internships

This is a GREAT idea for all of you go-getter college ”kids” in need of a little change and some real-world “adulting” experience. Not to mention, February is the perfect time to start looking for summer internships. Internships help build your resume before you even graduate while giving you experience that will probably put you ahead of the game. The key, however, is to find an internship away from home. Save up your money for housing and some big city fun when you’re not doing your daily intern tasks. 

Reason: Personal growth, experience, new friends, networking, and future business contacts… need I go on?


3. Spend Time Abroad

Whether you’re a college student looking to learn in a new environment or someone just simply in need of some cultural diversity, GO ABROAD. Spending time in a different country can really change someone, and it’s usually for the better. America is great, don’t get me wrong, but there are so many places other than the U.S. of A. that are pretty amazing too (as we all know unless you’ve been living under a rock your whole life). So save up your money and go!

Reason: The great thing about the world is that we can all use it to broaden our horizons. I’m a firm believer in the fact that everybody needs a little bit of that at some point in life.


So when it comes to spending, I hope this has helped inspire you to take into consideration how important it is to use your money on experiences a little more on the brain-washing materials of life a little less. After all, a picture says a thousand words, and an outfit says, like, one or two.


Cha feel me? See you somewhere…


(Photo via Papadakis Press/WENN)


- Jana Rosenberg, YH Contributing Writer