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VIRAL ALERT: “Reasons I Don’t Have A Boyfriend” Webseries

Written by Caroline Thayer. Published: July 25 2015


Calling all girls who also question why they don’t have a boyfriend: We have found your newest indulgence for the summer…


Type in reasonsidonthaveaboyfriend.com into your web browser and start watching this hilariously innovative new webseries, cleverly called, “Reasons I Don’t Have A Boyfriend”, which stars the equally hilarious Molly McQueen and Caitlin Harris.


The show, an original creation from the girls themselves, focuses on two best friends in Los Angeles struggling to find a nice, normal boy to date. The show already has three webisodes under its belt, all with unique, LOL-worthy titles. 


Co-creator Molly McQueen gave us some insight into her friendship with Caitlin and the origin of her crazy plotlines. Her raw, honest answers sure made us laugh!


YH: How much of the show stems from your real life?

MM: All of it! Every single one of the episodes has roots in a real experience that either Caitlin or I have had at one time or another. The best, most random stories are usually the ones closest to reality; you can't make this stuff up!


YH: Describe your relationship with Caitlin in one sentence.

MM: The kind of friendship where you don't use mute while peeing and talking on the phone.


YH: Would you ever go on a dating show to find "the one"?

MM: Meeeh. I don't think so. I'd rather be single forever.


YH: What are five things that are needed for a perfect date?

MM: Wine, red meat, '90s hip-hop, wit, spontaneity.


YH: Do you believe in love at first sight?

MM: Absolutely. Call me vain, but everyone needs a little physical attraction to get the ball rollin', amirite?


YH: In your opinion, what is the number one reason why most girls don't have a boyfriend?

MM: We're picky and don't want to settle. All good reasons, in my opinion.


Molly speaks the truth, girls (and guys). Who wants to settle for Average when your Prince Charming is still out there somewhere? 


You can get real-life advice and laughter all from this new series. The episodes are super short but jam-packed with relatable storylines and cute friend moments that will make you want more! Catch new episodes every Tuesday on their website or YouTube channel. Give Molly and Caitlin a follow below on Twitter too!


Tweet us what you think about Molly’s responses, specifically her thoughts on love at first sight! Enjoy!


(Screenshot via YouTube)


- Caroline Thayer, YH Staff