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VIRAL ALERT: Emily Uribe

Written by Gabbi Wiesehan. Published: November 04 2021
(Emily Uribe/TikTok/@emilyuuribe)


I know for a fact that every single one of us has -- at one point or another -- pretended to be a famous person being interviewed. We’ve all daydreamed about that one iconic moment where we tell a funny story to Jimmy Fallon and become America’s favorite actor or singer.


Emily Uribe does exactly this (with scary accuracy too) on her TikTok account. She’s just like us -- obsessed with her favorite celebrities, shows, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- but her just-for-fun videos are on a whole 'nother level. Her imagined future famous self does everything on the typical press tour that you can think of, from reading thirst tweets for Buzzfeed…


to getting scared by Ellen


to doing the Wired Autocomplete interview…


and even stopping by to eat some chicken wings and answer questions on “Hot Ones”!


If you didn’t believe in manifesting things into your life before meeting Emily, you’re probably a believer now, because she’s accumulated over 781K followers (and the number keeps growing as we speak) on TikTok with her hyper-specific details and mannerisms that we lowly peasants are so obsessed with when watching celebrities do their press tours. She’s on the fast track to making her TikToks a reality, especially now that she’s actually getting attention from talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert, host of the "Late Show". We wouldn’t be surprised if she’ll be asked to visit and maybe even rub shoulders with the celebrities she’s lovingly studied to a T.


We’re so invested in Emily’s rise to stardom! Just from her TikToks alone, we know the girl can act and has the talent to become a famous actor in her own right. In no time, she’s going to be booked on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" where they’ll play her TikToks and fulfill the role of loveable star and icon that she was destined to be. Remember the name Emily Uribe!