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VIRAL ALERT: 5 Apps That Will Improve Your Life!

Written by Melissa Breccia. Published: June 26 2018


There are millions of apps out there, and when we aren’t kicking ourselves for not inventing them first, we’re using them to make our lives easier! The following apps are perfect for anyone, whether you’re looking to save money, rent party items, or easily edit your photos.



Summer is the time to host fun events, but all of the necessary details can be expensive. Joymode offers bundles for every occasion: outdoor movie nights, picnics, virtual reality experiences, and more! You can rent a screen, projector, speakers, popcorn machine, popcorn bags, and a light box for only $65! Packages can be lowered in price if you decide to pick the items up at a nearby location.



This app allows users to receive instant cash back when they shop at the listed stores! Unlike apps that make you check in, you can just link your card(s) and forget about it. The money will accrue immediately when you use the card! They’re currently offering referral bonuses that will give you $5 every time a friend signs up. Linking your card will get you $5 as well! You can either cash out once you reach at least $25, or use the funds toward a charity.



If you’re already headed somewhere and want to make extra money to pay off your trip, you can check out Grabr! This app lets you input your current and final destinations and offers a list of items that people want delivered. You can accept the person’s “delivery reward” or offer your own price.



Saving money is always a great idea, but it can be impossible to implement. Qapital will let you save without having to take action or see it in your bank accounts. You can set up a variety of saving techniques such as rounding up change to be deposited, or automatically pulling $20 out every week. Since the money goes into your Qapital account, you’ll forget that you have it and become less tempted to spend!



There’s always that annoying electrical outlet, telephone wire, or generally clumsy item that ruins an otherwise perfect shot. This app will even remove acne with ease! Instead of toggling with apps that have you polish the image manually, you can purchase this app for only $1.99 and say goodbye to anything unwanted in an instant.


Enjoy these apps, and have fun searching for more!


(Image via NurPhoto/Getty Images)


- Melissa Breccia, YH Contributing Writer