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Trailer for 'Independence Day' Sequel Promises More Intergalactic Warfare!

Written by Amanda Baltazar. Published: December 18 2015


While everyone continues to lose their minds over Star Wars: The Force Awakens, another intergalactic battle is getting ready to be waged on the big screen...


After years of rumors and development bumps, Independence Day: Resurgence finally released an epic trailer after almost twenty years since its 1996 predecessor!




Yes, that was definitely Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman reprising their roles as well as some new faces, like Liam Hemsworth and Sela Ward. Much like the real time that has past in real life, the sequel is set twenty years into the future after the near-world-ending battle with aliens; unfortunately, before they were defeated, they were able to send a distress signal, and the rest of their extraterrestrial posse went into hiding. After twenty years, they have come back to settle the score.


But what about Will Smith playing Steven Hiller? He was such a key component to winning the war in 1996! His absence in the trailer does confirm is absence from the film. But the writers didn’t leave him in the dark. Vivica A. Fox will be back as Jasmine Hiller and Jessie Usher will play his now-grown son. Steven Hiller’s absence in the film is explained in their viral website campaign explaining the time that has passed since the attempted invasion in 1996.


For the first time, a movie has given us a bridge from its first film to the sequel with an interactive, museum-like timeline. For those of you who don’t want to figure out how the timeline works, I’ll go ahead and tell you what happened to Colonel Hiller.


Our worst fear has happened and our hero, Colonel Steven Hiller, passed away during a training exercise testing out a new alien aircraft. Whether the role was put to rest because of budget constraints or for the flow of the story, Will Smith and his bromance with Jeff Goldblum will be missed.




But unlike the battle in 1996, now we are prepared, we are ready, we are not defenseless. From the looks of the trailer, our advances in weaponry and military technology have come a long way and we’re going to need every advantage we can get to defeat the second wave of alien warfare!


Independence Day: Resurgence comes out in summer 2016, but aren’t we all assuming it will be on July 4? It would only be right.

Get hype!



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- Amanda Baltazar, YH Contributing Writer