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TRACK BY TRACK: Kalin and Myles

Written by Brittany Taormina. Published: November 24 2015


Did Christmas come early, or what? Our favorite Bay Area boys Kalin and Myles have released their self-titled debut album and we definitely have something to be thankful for this week!


After four EPs over the past couple years, we are so excited to hear an entire full-length album. K&M definitely have a distinctive sound, from “Chase Dreams” to “Trampoline”, they have put in the work and it shows with this effort. You know we have to show them some love and give it the track-by-track treatment!


1. "Lil Function"

This track sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s all about the KamFam and this gets everyone hyped for what they are about to hear. It was the perfect song to introduce what Kalin and Myles have created. The beats are sick! Let's get this party started!

Fave Lyric: “I said there ain't no party / Like a KamFam party / 'Cause the KamFam party don't stop.”




2. "Taking My Time" (ft. Kool John)

Okay, their background instrumentals are some of the freshest around. If this song doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, you may wanna check your pulse. Having Kool John on this track was a really great addition, as his vibe blends with theirs seamlessly.

Fave Lyric:“HBK KAMFAM we the dream team / I'm not P-LO but I’m going to work.”




3. "Brokenhearted"

The best thing about their sound is that it is so identifiable, while managing to have variation. It’s not easy to do, but they pull it off!

Fave Lyric:“Now it's hard for you to give your loving to the next man / Only takes one time to learn the lesson / And girl my love won't have you second guessing.”




4. "I See You"

OMG! Kalin’s vocals are absolutely amazing on this track! It has that old-school R&B/Soul sound, which is always great to see an artist play tribute to the genre's roots. OH, and how sweet is this music video?

Fave Lyric:“I'm tellin you right now, just to trust and believe / But even if you don't, don't believe the hype / Imma tell you like this tonight.”




5. "Out My Mind"

Killer sound variation on this track! It is a testament to Kalin and Myles's knowledge behind the music. It reminds me a lot of the Skrillex/Diplo/Justin Bieber collabo “Where Are Ü Now”. That same vibe is definitely present here.

Fave Lyric:“I just wanna say thank you to ya'll one time / You know who you are / You could change the world with that love / It could just take one heart.”




6. "Shake It"

Okay, we see you, boys -- things are getting a little steamy! We know that these guys know how to “shake it” on stage!

Fave Lyric: “Girl I know you know you're so cold / Touch it and my wrist went froze.”




7. "Hands All Over You"

What a nice throwback on this track. It’s a favorite from the album and a different take from bits and pieces of a classic song.  

Fave Lyric:“'Cause you look good and your heart look even better / And I could try to write you a letter / But tryna find the right words might take me forever.”




8. "Curfew Overtime"

It’s time to slow it down a bit. This track was such a nice change up and once again brings that R&B flavor. INCREDIBLE! I could have this on repeat all day.

Fave Lyric: “I know you can't stay here all night, but I got plans that'll change your mind / So don't you dare try to say goodbye without this curfew overtime.”




9. "Change My Life"

“Change My Life” is such a great song that makes you feel good about the people in your life or that special someone. Dig the chorus on this track -- so Good!

Fave Lyric: “You knew you caught me by surprise / I didn't know that you would change my life.”




10. Get It Get It Get It (ft. P-LO)

Get it indeed! This song has a bit of a different sound to it compared to the others on the album. We even get a little bit of Kalin rapping on this track with Myles. Love it! The addition of P-LO really adds to the dynamic of this song.

Fave Lyric:“KAMFAM, HBK / You know it's LIT.”




11. "808" (ft. Jack & Jack)

Our two favorite duos have collaborated for the ultimate quartet, and everything is right in the world! It’s a fun song that showcases their growth as artists. Their vocal+rap blend works incredibly well together. Looking forward to future collaborations. Myles and Jack J’s rap talent has really progressed and they annunciate their words so well. Exceptional!

Fave Lyric:“That's how you know it's real / Head over heels, girl you got no idea, damn / I know what you wanted from the very start / And I can tell you feel it too when we're apart.”




12. "Do What You Do"

This is such a beautiful song with a great meaning. Loving the acoustics in the background. A perfect wrap-up of the album, allowing you to reflect on everything you have just heard. The lyric below couldn’t be truer! #PositiveVibes

Fave Lyric:“Trust the journey that this life is gonna take you / Be true to who you are, love yourself and embrace you.”




Kalin and Myles have made a bold statement with the quality of this album and their growth as artists. It’s been a long time coming and no signs of disappointment in sight. A BIG congratulations to Kalin and Myles, you deserve it!


What’s YOUR favorite track off the album? Tweet us! And don't forget to check out K&M's visit to the YH Studio to perform some of these new tracks acoustically!




(Screenshot via YouTube)


- Brittany Taormina, YH Contributing Writer