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TRACK BY TRACK: Jonas Brothers' 'The Album'

Written by Gabi Lamb. Published: May 17 2023


On May 12th, highly anticipated Jonas Brothers album The Album dropped, after teaser songs “Waffle House” and “Wings” were released earlier in the year. It looks like '70s sounds and looks will continue to dominate 2023, as the Jonas Brothers also pull from its imagery for even the album cover. It’s an exciting time for the Nick, Joe, and Kevin, who have continued to reinvent themselves since their first album It’s About Time in 2006. In honor of the longstanding band’s newest release, here we bring to you The Album track-by-track!


1. "Miracle"

“Miracle” kicks off with a unique flute and piano riff that quickly slides into bass and guitar riffs. The scratchy vocals slide into the smooth falsetto the Jonas Brothers bring to the table. The whole thing is punctuated by triumphant flourishes that polish up the basic groove and bring it to a new level. It’s a slick love song that fades well into a finish of soft acoustic.


Favorite Lyrics: “The devil had my hands tied / Miracle...”




2. "Montana Sky"

The first impression of “Montana Sky” is that of a musical with its bouncy ascension, only it then goes muted and smooth. The poppy, harmonic chorus and sweetness of the lyrics brings back the brothers’ boy band roots. “Montana Sky” is nostalgic and cute — a needed follow-up after the experimentation of “Miracle”.


Favorite Lyrics: “Seen the world / You’re still the where I want to go...”




3. "Wings"

The hushed piano beginning is undercut by a bass line that only grows and explodes into the chorus. The brothers all take turns singing in a swoon-worthy team effort. “Wings” is sunny and feel-good; the slowing-down of the bridge, and the electronic elements added there, keep it interesting through the end and slow the song into its modern end. It was one of the teasers, but it still feels fresh when put into the greater album context.


Favorite Lyrics: “You are the wings I need / To fly away...”




4. "Sail Away"

The build into quick, syncopated drums makes “Sail Away” stand out in a good way. It makes “Sail Away” into a dancing kind of song, different from some of the more sunny-day, feel-good songs. The hollowness of the drum sounds, alongside the breathy, fast vocals of the pre-chorus, make it sound-wise a change from the more basic sounds of “Montana Sky” and “Wings”. It feels more modern than nostalgic; a needed interlude.


Favorite Lyrics: “Transcendentallistical tempo...”




5. "Americana"

Can we please keep doing acoustic Jonas Brothers? The twanging rhythms of “Americana” are old-school but still smooth; it combines folksy elements with a pop base to create a new sound for The Album to explore. It’s breezy and groovy in the best way.


Favorite Lyrics: “We’re gonna get home / When we get home...”




6. "Celebrate!"

The choral beginning of “Celebrate!” is such classic, anthem-style rock. The clap-track and symphonic sounds make it triumphant and current to 2023. It’s joyful in a big, bouncy way, but the real kicker is the end during the drum solo. There’s some impressive vocal performing, and it’s really just a fun song.


Favorite Lyrics: “Tonight we party like Vegas...”




7. "Waffle House"

As one of the teasers, lots of people have already heard “Waffle House”. It’s one of the most personal songs on the album as it discusses familial relationships. Given the unique situation of the Jonas Brothers being, well, brothers, it’s a fresh take. Yet in line with their typical style, it all ends well and produces this zingy pop ditty reminiscent of something like “Our House” by Madness.


Favorite Lyrics: “Oh, that’s why some nights / We tried to kill each other...”




8. "Vacation Eyes"

This slow piano ballad, mixed with breezy tropical elements, is a much-needed breather after the steady pacing of the rest of the album. It’s a softer, quieter love song that’s less flashy with its instrumentation. “Vacation Eyes” is sweet, summery, and not too much. The vocals really get to take center stage here, which is a plus.


Favorite Lyrics: “When it’s just me and you and the moon...”




9. "Summer In The Hamptons"

The summery vibe from “Vacation Eyes” only digs deeper here. The song itself starts with the crashing of waves. The gentle guitar strumming behind the chorus and female voices thrown into the song make it a gorgeous patchwork of sound. It’s exciting for the ears, and really makes us all wish we could spend a Summer in the Hamptons…


Favorite Lyrics: “Champagne ocean, raw emotion...”




10. "Summer Baby"

All. The. Summer. Credits to the Jonas Brothers for releasing this album right before Summer starts -- truly a stroke of genius. It’s bouncy, and the slick falsettos give it the feel of 2010s Maroon 5. “Summer Baby” is a backyard party kind of song and does exactly what it needs to in the album.


Favorite Lyrics: “Skyline, baby blue / Still catchin’ feelings for you...”




11. "Little Bird"

The most tender song from The Album, it’s a dedication to the Jonas Brothers’ growing families. It’s about becoming a parent, and the light acoustic guitar undercutting raw lyrics makes it powerful. “Little Bird” is delicate but strong — it captures such a special feeling in a beautiful way.


Favorite lyrics: “Oh, I could cry / Got your mother’s kind eyes...”




12. "Walls" (feat. Jon Bellion)

With Jon Bellion featured, “Walls” has a kaleidoscopic start with a sort of church-like revery. That magical aura continues into the ballad of the chorus as the rippling sounds create echoes. It’s the awaited sad song of the album, confronting the fears of losing love. The organ-like sounds introduced make it feel more serious than the rest of the album, and intense. The best part is the slowed drop into rock & roll at the end, which makes “Walls” a resounding finale to the concert that is The Album.


Favorite lyrics: “Even the walls would cry...”