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TRACK BY TRACK: Billie Eilish’s ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’

Written by Emma Kassel. Published: June 09 2024


Billie Eilish’s new album Hit Me Hard and Soft is her third studio album and was co-written and produced by her brother, Finneas O’Connell. The record features ten tracks, including the single "LUNCH" which debuted at No. 1 on three Billboard charts this week. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Billie said “I feel like this album is me,” regarding to connecting with her darker self again. “It’s not a character. It feels like the When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? version of me. It feels like my youth and who I was as a kid.”


Let's break it down track-by-track!



The album starts with a slow introduction song that comments heavily on body image and falling in love for the first time. She dives into her insecurities and the idea of internal conflict regarding the media scrutinizing her body, which she says is out of her control. This is just one of her songs that touches on body image, others including “OverHeated” and “idontwannabeyouanymore”.


Favorite Lyric: “And the internet is hungry for the meanest kind of funny...”




2. "LUNCH"

The beat quickens as we head into one of Eilish’s most daring songs to date. In the verses, Billie talks about her desire to be with a woman and her sexual attributes. It's one of Eilish's more subdued and explicit songs at the same time, exploring themes of queerness, confidence, questioning, and belonging. “That song was actually part of what helped me become who I am, to be real,” she told Rolling Stone


Favorite Lyric: “Now she’s smilin’ ear to ear / She’s the headlights, I’m the deer...”





“CHIHIRO” is the main character of the 2001 animated film Spirited Away directed by Hayao Miyazaki. 10-year-old Chihiro travels with her parents and reaches a spirit dimension where they transform into pigs. Chihiro learns a new meaning and appreciation for life, and after falling in love with the movie, Billie decided to write this song from the main character's perspective.


Favorite Lyric: “But there’s a part of me that recognizes you / Do you feel it too?”





Here, Eilish explains a love that lasts until death. The song's title is derived from the English phrase "birds of a feather flock together", which is often used as a metaphor to emphasize how similar and close two people who have similar interests, hobbies, and opinions are to one another. She even touches on her emotional dependence on her partner and how life without them isn’t worth living.


Favorite Lyric: “I said I’d never think I wasn’t better off alone...”





“WILDFLOWER” comments on Billie comforting a girl who was broken up with and then later going on to date that girl's ex-boyfriend. Eilish seems to still be hung up on her friendship as she experiences feelings of guilt as shown in the lines “but I see her in the back of my mind all the time / did I cross the line?” The song's title could allude to Wildflower Cases, a company started by Devon Lee Carlson, who shares the same ex as Billie.


Favorite Lyric: “But I see her in the back of my mind / All the time / Like a fever, like I’m burning alive...”





In an unfulfilling relationship, Billie keeps sacrificing herself for her lover in "THE GREATEST", but it doesn't work out. The slow song explores the nuances of unrequited love, sacrifice, and devotion as it builds up to a more powerful ending. It's a melancholy recognition of what could have been, emphasizing the loss of unmet hopes and knowing that the other person originally had the potential to be great.


Favorite Lyric: “All my love and patience / Unappreciated / You said your heart was jaded...”





The song title “L’AMOUR DE MA VIE” in French translates to “the love of my life” in English. The beat is light and delicate and explores the nuances of love and heartache while thinking back on an emotionally turbulent previous relationship. The carefree tone throughout the song conveys her happiness that the relationship is finished and she can freely move on.


Favorite Lyric: “You said you’d never fall in love again because of me / Then you moved on immediately...”





“THE DINER” explores themes of desire and obsession from the perspective of a stalker. The song's lyrics depict a disturbed person who crosses boundaries to be close to their "lover", and they discuss how they deal with rejection and potential legal issues. The song ends with the phone number 310-807-3956 being whispered, and if you go ahead and call the number you get a short message from Billie herself!


Favorite Lyric: “You’re starrin’ in my dreams...”





The song title “BITTERSUITE” is a play on the word “bittersweet” and helps get across the location of the song, a hotel suite. Billie idolizes a perfect relationship in her mind, but it's clear she’s struggling beneath the surface because she has to protect herself, although she has a strong desire to fall in love. She wishes that her emotions would disappear because she is afraid of what love could bring or how it will turn out.


Favorite Lyric: “You seem so paranoid / I’m looking at boys / I’ve never filled the void...”




10. "BLUE"

The final song on the album, “BLUE”, has a dream-like vibe with its airy sound. Billie and her brother Finneas went back to two unreleased songs, “True Blue” and “Born Blue”, to create this new updated version. About halfway through the song, the more upbeat tune turns into a slower ballad, possibly hinting at the two songs this came from. The song is thought to be about her most recent breakup and how she’s still “blue” over the relationship ending.


Favorite Lyric: “Victim of your father’s plan to rule the world...”




Hit Me Hard and Soft is now streaming everywhere!