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(Photo © Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images)

The Best NHL Playoff Beards of 2024!

Written by Emma Kassel. Published: June 08 2024


As fans anticipate the Stanley Cup Playoffs all season long, there’s only one other thing to add in more excitement: the long-running tradition of playoff beards! Players don't shave until they win the Stanley Cup or get eliminated from the competition, an annual tradition that was started by the New York Islanders in 1980. It was a team superstition to not shave and it worked out in their favor, as they went on to win 4 Stanley Cups in a row! As other teams caught on, this soon became a league tradition that we will be exploring today. Let’s take a look at the best playoff beards for the 2024 season!


1. Connor McDavid & Leon Draisaitl (Edmonton Oilers)

Starting strong with the Western Conference Champions, we have Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers. With both the captain and alternate sporting full beards, they might be out of control once they’re deep into the Stanley Cup Finals. The two have been playing together since 2015, and with the team ultimately being built around them, will this year finally be the one where they take home the trophy?



2. Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars)

This playoffs, the Dallas Stars defeated both the Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights, the previous 2 Stanley Cup winners, in the first 2 rounds before ultimately falling to a dominant Edmonton team. The only player on the Stars roster with a Stanley Cup is Tyler Seguin, who took home the trophy with the Boston Bruins in 2011 as a rookie. Although Seguin can be seen throughout the regular season sporting some facial hair, his beard was in full swing up until the Game 6 loss.



3. Alexis Lafrenière (New York Rangers)

Alexis Lafrenière was drafted first overall by the New York Rangers in the 2020 Entry Draft and has delivered ever since. Despite being only 22, growing a beard is no problem for him. Lafrenière rocks facial hair on the regular, so when the Rangers made the playoffs, he didn’t have to switch up his routine as much as some of his teammates.


4. Adam Henrique (Edmonton Oilers)

Having been traded to the Edmonton Oilers from the Anaheim Ducks just this past March, Adam Henrique has scored 9 points in his 22 games with them. For someone who seems to sport a clean-shaven face often, he can pull out the beard when necessary. Safe to say Henrique may have gotten lucky with this trade, and even luckier if he keeps up this tradition.



5. Mika Zibanejad (New York Rangers)

Another Rangers player to make the list is their alternate captain Mika Zibanejad. He has earned 72 points this season and kept delivering through the playoffs. Zibanejad is known for his long hair and how good it looks when he zips down the ice, and he often sports an abundance of facial hair along with it. Not sure what’s more impressive, the beard or that he can play with his hair down.


6. Conor Garland (Vancouver Canucks)

Conor Garland seems to switch it up in terms of facial hair, considering, in some games, you can’t even recognize him, and other times he’s just working with a little stubble. Garland has earned 47 points this season, as well as 5 in the Vancouver Canucks’ playoff run. He easily takes a spot on this list for his quick and seemingly simple transformation.


7. Tom Wilson (Washington Capitals)

Last but not least is a man I cannot picture without a beard, Tom Wilson. The Washington Capitals alternate captain is a powerhouse on the ice, and the beard only helps his intimidating image. Although the Capitals were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, Wilson has 6 years left in his contract with Washington for another chance at the Cup.



With no Florida Panthers players making the list, does that clue us into who might win the 2024 Stanley Cup? We’ll see if the Edmonton Oilers playoff beard superstition reigns true!


Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals kicks off TODAY (June 8) at 8pm ET in Sunrise, Florida!