TikTok Trends To Try With Your Friends This Summer!

06-17-2022 by Jaelen Patrick

(Kendyl Patrece/TikTok/@kendylpatrece)


Summer 2022 is finally here, and I know we can all agree that we have to make the most of it. While relaxation is key to having the best Summer ever, so is having tons of fun! And you don’t have to go on a major vacation to do this either. This is where TikTok becomes your best friend. There are so many fun and creative trends that take over TikTok, how could you not want to give them a try?! So, gather a group of friends and try out some of these popular TikTok trends this summer!



1. Rainbow Picnic

This first trend is just in time for Pride Month. For the "rainbow picnic", each person will bring a drink, snack, or dessert that represents each color of the rainbow and present them to one another simultaneously. The suspense of waiting to see what each person brings to the picnic will fill you with excitement. Think of it as a picnic with a twist.

@kendylpatrece this is your sign to have a rainbow picnic ? #foryou#fyp#rainbowpicnic♬ First Class - Jack Harlow


2. PowerPoint Night

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. “A powerpoint during the Summer? That doesn’t sound fun.” But hear us out! This trend makes creating PowerPoints feel less like schoolwork and more like a night full of laughter. The goal is to make PowerPoints with the most hilariously random topics to then present to your friends. “Rating My Exes From Least Toxic To Most Toxic” and “Why Rihanna Should Be President” are just a couple of the topics that TikTokers came up with.


3. Four-Course Meal Challenge

A long day of fun in the Summer heat is sure to work up your appetite, and this 4-course meal challenge will keep the fun going while also leaving you satisfied. For this trend, a group of friends would either play Rock, Paper, Scissors, or utilize a finger-choosing app to decide who gets to choose which fast food chain they want to go to for their drink, appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Let the games begin!

@arianalee99 4 course meal challenge @davidrosenberg @meganrose.ee ♬ Everywhereigo - Babyxsosa


4. Paint and Swap

Painting has just become that much more fun. With a group of friends, paint, and a few canvases, head to your favorite spot in the park to try out this paint and swap trend. Each person will begin painting on their own canvas, then after a few minutes pass by, they will trade canvases with someone else. The goal is to continue switching paintings until they are all finished. This could either go great or be a recipe for disaster. Either way, it sounds like a lot of fun.


5. Bring Your Own Charcuterie Board Party

This last trend takes charcuterie boards to a whole other level! These simple meat and cheese platters have now become so much more with the bring-your-own-charcuterie board trend. This is where each person is responsible for putting together their own charcuterie boards to bring to a friend’s house to see what everyone comes up with. These boards can be filled with whatever your heart desires. Nacho boards, dessert boards, and even Chick-Fil-A boards are some TikToker’s faves right now.


Which trend will you try first?