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The LYLAS, Up Close & Personal

Written by Danielle Koch. Published: October 25 2013


We all dream of getting a sneak peek into the lives of our favorite celebrities. Just for one night, it would be great to pretend that we’re BFFs with those people that we idolize and follow vigilantly.


Luckily for you The LYLAS fans, WEtv is giving you a chance to do just that! In unison now: 1, 2, 3… YAY!!! One of our newest favorite girl groups, comprised of Jaime, Tahiti, Tiara, and Presley, is giving us an all-access pass into their lives as they make their way from tropical Hawaii to Los Angeles to pursue their musical careers. Oh, and I forgot to mention that they are the sisters of Grammy-winning sisters Bruno Mars. How did everyone in the family get such killer musical chops? The jealousy is real, folks.


The docu-series captures personal and professional moments in every member’s life, which really gives you an uncensored version of them. These women are more than just what we see in the magazines or hear on the radio. They are normal people with normal struggles and emotions (living with siblings can be so annoying sometimes, ugh), but they just happen to have extraordinary talent.


Tune into WEtv on Friday, November 8, at 9pm to check out how this group balances their newfound stardom, sticking to their humble Hawaiian roots, and getting out of their brother’s shadow. This is a chance to get eye level with celebrities who are usually put on pedestals to be looked at and admired. The LYLAS are going on the up and up really quickly, so get to know them and how they started!


Here’s a sneak preview to get you acquainted with the lovely and talented members:





Photo via Nathaniel Taylor.



- Danielle Koch, YH Staff