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'The Hustle' Breathes New Girl Power Life Into Classic Con Artist Comedy!

Written by Jasmine Liu. Published: April 30 2019


Let the games begin! The new trailer for The Hustle has been released and it looks nothing short of hysterical. It’s a new take on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels — the beloved 1988 film with Michael Caine and Steve Martin playing con men on the French Rivier who try to manipulate rich women out of their money.


The Hustle is special because it’s got female empowerment all over it and we are here for it. It features Anne Hathaway stepping into Caine’s role of a more experienced, refined con artist, while Rebel Wilson steps into Martin’s broader comedic shoes. The dynamic duo will work their magic to get revenge on the “small-minded men” who have wronged them.




An interesting fact about the development of this masterpiece is that Rebel Wilson actually attended the arbitration hearing after the MPAA gave the film an R-rating. Since she was a producer on the movie and had so much time and effort invested in it, she fought for a PG-13 rating. Wilson has a law degree and she stated her case. Girl wanted her work to be shown to as many people as possible and we are so glad she did. Working hard and grinding behind the scenes too!


While the storyline will remain similar toDirty Rotten Scoundrels, the screenwriter, Jac Schaeffer, says audiences should expect something completely fresh. He said that the ladies will be clever, the characters are reimagined, and the dialogue is completely new. Based in on the trailer, Anne and Rebel seem to have the conniving senses and brains down. The goofy British accent Anne has is the perfect cherry on top.


We can’t wait to see The Hustle in theaters May 10!


(Image via MGM)


- Jasmine Liu, YH Contributing Writer