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"The Flash" Hits 100: Our 13 Favorite Behind The Scenes Moments From The Cast!

Written by Brooke Sharland. Published: December 06 2018


CW’s “The Flash” aired its 100th episode this week -- in Season 5, Episode 8, “What’s Past is Prologue” (which I will NOT spoil, because you NEED to watch it yourself). This is such a milestone! The show has been going on for 5 wonderful seasons now, each of which remain fresh with exciting storylines and dynamic characters.




To celebrate reaching 100 episodes, we’ve compiled a list of all our favorite behind the scenes moments from the cast this year!


1. When Grant Gustin shared this super cool photo of him swaggin around set with a witty Thanksgiving caption.



On my way to eat your cranberry sauce.

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2. A **super** cool photo from this season’s crossover



3. When Grant goofed off during rehearsal for episode 100...



4. Tom Cavanagh really getting into it directing Episode 100



Hmmm? Directing #Flash100thEpisode lying down. @grantgust and @jparkerk3 make it that easy. #theflash

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5. This season has really taken us to new... heights...



We’re back. #Flashback @cwtheflash @daninicolet @hartleysawyer

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6. When Hartley Sawyer shared some fun selfies with Candice Patton after a long day on set



7. And a totalllllly normal selfie of him in his trailer…




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8. When Danielle Nicolet shared this BTS photo of the women of “The Flash” looking just a bit worried



9. Some shenanigans filming the Season 4 finale



10. That time Tom just REALLY needed to mute the heck out of Grant



11. When Tom and Candice got silly with a whoopie cushion on set



Bts from “Whoopie Cushion Magic” @candicekp ⚡️? The on set hijinx never stop. ? #theflash

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12. Grant got a liiitttttle starstruck when he and Stephen Amell met a certain super…



This is about as flustered as I’m gonna get on the set of one of these super hero shows.

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13. And finally, when the whole cast and crew celebrated 100 episodes together!



Next up for “The Flash” is the highly-anticipated CW Arrowverse crossover, “Elseworlds”. The 3-night event will begin Sunday, December 9, at 8pm with “The Flash” and continue Monday night at 8pm with “Arrow” and conclude Tuesday night at 8pm with “Supergirl”. TUNE IN. If it’s anything like the previous crossover events, it’s bound to be amazing and will totally keep you on the edge of your seat for 3 days straight.




Congrats to Team Flash for 100 amazing episodes. Here’s to the fastest man alive, his amazing team, and 100 more episodes! Cheers!!!


(Image via The CW)


- Brooke Sharland, YH Contributing Writer