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The 3 Best Dressed Shows on Television Right Now!

Written by Brittany Taormina. Published: April 17 2017


Everyone loves when their favorite TV show has great fashion. All of the moving parts flow to together with an epic sense of style and just enhances the viewing experience. Television has a history of inspiring classic fashion trends, from The Rachel haircut to Mary Tyler Moore's beret. Here are of the 3 best-dressed TV shows right now that will make you want to redo your entire wardrobe!


1. “The Arrangement”

The new spicy original series on E! has the perfect style combination of casual coffee house and Hollywood Chic. Kyle West (Josh Henderson) and Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) wear some of the most fashion-forward trends and we can’t help but want to copy their style. Megan can rock the perfect red gown to a movie premiere or her best jumpsuit to the karaoke bar. Not to mention, Kyle continues to rock his signature boots and even an occasional white jean -- trust us, boys, it can work!




2. “Riverdale”

Everyone is talking about the new CW series “Riverdale”, based on the classic Archies comics which date all the way back to the 1939. How did they transfer a classic look to present day style? Well, let's just say they made it look easy. One of the most recognizable clothing items from the comics is Jughead’s crown. On the show, they gave him a pronged beanie that captures the same essence of a crown. Of course, Betty has her cardigans, Josie is rocking her cat ears, and Archie has his letterman's jacket. All the characters have very different styles, but the use of color helps portray the character's personality. For example, Cheryl Blossom has a fiery don’t-underestimate-me attitude where she is always in red, while Betty tends to rock more pastels that reflect her soft, kind personality.


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3. “Powerless”

What goes with superheroes and supervillains? A super classy and sassy wardrobe, obvs! The NBC show has brought their A-game, introducing its super fun "office chic" to the comic book world. Not only does the show rock your typical pencil skirt, but fun print jackets and flannels are featured as well. The wardrobe is even so popular that you can buy what the characters wear!



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What show do YOU think is best dressed?


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- Brittany Taormina, YH Contributing Writer