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Taylor Swift’s Most Inspiring Quotes From The Trailer of Her ‘Miss Americana’ Doc!

01-22-2020 by Nicole Koch

  ( © Netflix)  


Hey Swifties, Happy Wednesday!


Our queenTaylor Swift finally dropped the new trailer for her upcoming documentary Miss Americana and it does NOT disappoint! I’m so excited for it to come to select theatres and on Netflix January 31 of this year because I feel like the world is going to get a whole other side of Taylor that we’ve never seen before.


From the 2-minute-long video, I can already tell that we’ll be seeing a real rawness in her, with shots of her in her dressing rooms, backstage with friends, and I think even her boo Joe Alwyn makes an appearance! Throughout the trailer, you hear her saying chilling yet extremely powerful and inspirational things and I’ve jotted them down for you below!




“Throughout my whole career, label executives would just say, 'A nice girl doesn’t force their opinions on people; a nice girl smiles and waves and says thank you.' I became the person everyone wanted me to be.”


This is how the trailer opens and I seriously got chills. Women are always told to "be nice" and "smile" and act a certain way. Taylor has always been vocal about this and I love that she started with this.


After you hear her speaking, the trailer cuts to voices of people saying bad things about her, about her being annoying, too skinny, etc. Chilling, yet so real.


“Nobody physically saw me for a year. And that’s what I thought they wanted. I had to deconstruct an entire belief system, toss it out and reject it.”


Okay I got chills again just typing this out. Our belief systems (especially ones that start at a young age) are so instilled in us that I felt so deeply for her in this moment. It’s not easy to deconstruct any belief system, let alone ones that were fed to you for your entire career.


Here she shows us how much hard work she’s done to heal herself from all that has happened to her.


“I need to be on the right side of history.”


I freaking love this. Hell ya, girl power!!! I love this one because, if you watch the video as she says this, she seems so serious about this. She really cares about helping people and wanting to make a difference for those around her.


“It feels f**king awesome.”


This is so cute because I don’t think we’ve ever heard her curse? But in my opinion, she seems to be so happy in this moment and so EMPOWERED.


Whatever she’s talking about in this moment, she has taken her power back and we love that for her!


“I feel really good about not feeling muzzled anymore… and it was my own doing.”


This was intense, but a trailer wouldn’t be great without some drama, am I right? In all seriousness, we’ve all seen the stories about how she felt like she couldn’t speak up about certain things she wanted in her life and career, so I’m very curious to see how this plays out in the documentary! 


EEK! I know, right?! It’s going to be EPIC. The countdown starts now!


What’s your favorite part about Taylor Swift’s documentary?