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Take a Trip to Old "Hollywood" for Your Next Binge!

05-15-2020 by Sarrah Wolfe



Calling all of our film buffs, history nerds, and entertainment junkies, because you are going to LOVE this next one! Netflix’s new series "Hollywood" brings a vibrant, colorful look into into the lives of our illustrious ancestors during the Golden Age of the movie biz.  




Behind the fuzzy, black-and-white, and much more chaste films of the the 1950s was some seriously JUICY drama that you really only learn about if you went to film school. But "Hollywood" brings some of that historical drama to life for the rest of us, so not only are you wildly entertained, but now you can impress your friends with some new expertise about Tinsel Town.


And what would a movie about the stars be without a star-studded cast? Playing the main character, Jack Castello, we have the dreamyDavid Corenswet, who you might remember from "The Politician". If he didn’t melt your heart as River Barkley, he’s sure to make you swoon as Jack, who will do just about anything to be cast in the next blockbuster. Guess you’ll have to find out just what that “anything” is...



If things didn’t already get hot enough, we also have THE Dylan McDermott. (Where my "American Horror Story" fans at?!) McDermott portrays Ernie West, who is based on a real-life Hollywood pimp named Scotty Bowers. (I told you this was juicy, didn't I?) We’ll also see some other familiar faces playing real-life figures, such as: Queen Latifah as Hattie McDaniel, the first person of color to win an Academy Award; and Jim Parsons playing the esteemed Hollywood agent of the Golden Age, Henry Willson. Some other characters based on real people that you might be familiar with: Vivien Leigh, Rock Hudson, and even First LadyEleanor Roosevelt.


I should probably mention that this show was created by Ryan Murphy, the mastermind behind "AHS". So yeah, pretty much a guaranteed binge that will leave you desperate for more. 


While the show was only intended for one season… Murphy has hinted at the possibility of a second one, and please, for the love of God, we need more! With so much rich history, it’d be an absolute shame if we only got seven episodes. Come on, Netflix, give it the good ‘ol green light!