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Surprise! Zendaya Made a Secret Quarantine Movie with John David Washington!

07-17-2020 by Sarrah Wolfe

  ( © JP Yim/Getty Images for Fendi)  


While many TV & movie productions have been shut down or delayed due to the pandemic, others saw COVID-19 restrictions as a challenge to overcome. Take, for instance, "Euphoria" creator Sam Levinson, who spent his quarantine writing and producing his new movie, Malcolm and Marie. Despite a global pandemic, Levinson found a way to safely (and discreetly) produce the film, which stars Zendaya andJohn David Washington




So how did they get around quarantine restrictions? Well, they didn’t. The minimal cast and crew took extensive measures to comply with COVID-19 guidelines and make sure everyone was safe and protected. The crew sought the advice of attorneys and medical professionals to figure out how to go about this film production in a manner that would keep everyone COVID-safe.


The cast and crew quarantined together for 3 weeks to make this movie at an eco-friendly house in Carmel, California. On top of vigorous sanitizations and frequent temperature checks, COVID testing was conducted multiple times throughout production for cast and crew, and a maximum of 12 people were allowed on set at any time.  The cast and crew were not allowed off the property and were required to stay distanced from each other when they weren’t filming.


For many other productions, these restrictions would have proved insurmountable, but not for Malcolm & Marie. The production was kept secret until recently, so we don’t have much information about the actual film just yet and unfortunately no release date. What we do know is that it’s going to be a great example of what’s possible under such restrictive circumstances. It’s definitely a must-watch, and we totally wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes an Oscar nominee. With Sam Levinson’s writing and John David Washington and Zendaya as the stars, how could it not be? Needless to say, you'll want to stay updated on its release date and be sure to check it out the minute it drops!