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SUNDAY MUSIC VIDS: Father's Day Edition

Written by Katie Marzullo. Published: June 17 2018


If you haven’t yet heard, today is Father’s Day (and if you are indeed just now finding this out, I suggest you hit up a 99¢ store toute de suite!), so it only makes sense that this week’s collection of music videos be all dad-centric and stuff, right?


Thousands of songs have been written in recent history about dear old Dad, melodic odes to the fellow raised us up and taught us how to use power tools and stuff (where applicable). Sure, those songs are great, but what makes them even greater is that they are a testament to the father’s love, attention, and guidance. Without such support and presence, these songs could not have been written in the first place. So, this week I am going to do a little switcheroo – I’m gonna take the child-father ode back to its roots by featuring songs written by male musicians to their children. As a parent, it’s always nice to know that your efforts were successful and appreciated enough to inspire a song; likewise, if you happen to be the offspring of a famous singer/songwriter, it’s equally humbling to have your mere presence in this world immortalized in a song. And that’s just what these following artists did.


Check out these proud papas getting the ultimate shot of inspiration by singing about their bundles of joy, for better and for worse. Happy Father’s Day!


"Beautiful Boy" - John Lennon, written for his son Sean


"Tears in Heaven" - Eric Clapton, written for his late son Conor




"Just the Two of Us" - Will Smith, (re)written for his son Jaden




"Isn't She Lovely" - Stevie Wonder, written for his daughter Aisha




"Mockingbird" - Eminem, written for his daughter Hailie





(Photo via Michael Kovac/Getty Images)


- Katie Marzullo, YH Staff Editor

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