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Steamy 'Don’t Worry Darling' Trailer Has Us Sweating!

Written by Abigail Hayes. Published: May 12 2022
(Warner Bros. Pictures)


Florence Pugh and Harry Styles being married… in a period piece… What can get better than that?! Don’t Worry Darling is a thriller that focuses on Alice (Pugh) and Jack (Styles), who live in a utopian community. “Focus, right here” are the first words to come out of the trailer and we definitely are paying attention! The first few seconds of the trailer share clips of Pugh and Styles kissing, Styles driving like a manic, and director Olivia Wilde smoking a cigarette. In the next scene, Pugh and Styles are pictured laying in bed together with Styles stating, “Always. You and me.” Phew!




Fans of Harry Styles and Florence Pugh have been anticipating this trailer for seeming forever and were thrilled once it dropped. The trailer instantly went viral on social media and has become one of the most-anticipated films for this year. Fans were especially thrilled to get a glimpse of a few “spicy” scenes between the two co-stars. Styles has stated that the film is not something to watch your parents!



The trailer goes on to show why they are in that community and it’s because of something called "the Victory Project". The mission behind this project is for women to stay home and clean, cook, and do all the laundry while the men go out and work. We see Chris Pine’s character stating that they’re going to change the world because of this project. However, Pugh is not so sure what the men are actually doing... 



Pugh’s character starts to experience unnatural activity among the community and its members. She is seen cracking an egg but it has no yolk, her own disembodied reflection looking back at her, suffocating herself, and drowning. “You guys are acting like I’m crazy” can be heard in a voiceover as more scenes from the film are shown. The last sentence in the trailer is Pugh saying, “And I don’t want to be here anymore,” before the title rolls up on the screen. Creepy!



Don’t Worry Darling will be Olivia Wilde’s second movie to direct after her success with Booksmart. There is so much to anticipate with this film – from romance, drama, and car chases to Florence Pugh showing us once again her incredible talent . As for Harry, this will be his second movie role since Dunkirk. The movie is expected to break box office records and do very well when it opens on September 23!