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Richard Easton Limited: A New Way to Find "The One"

Written by Skyler Wahl. Published: February 10 2014


It’s a classic love story: Boy makes cool username, boy matches with girl, boy messages girl, they meet up. We’ve all thought about it – signing up for those online dating sites – because figuring out how you’re going to talk to the attractive stranger on the train is a task nearly impossible. As a 23-year-old, fit, non-smoking, social drinking, never drugging, 5’11” Sagittarius, I would say I found the dating scene to be rather tempered. Let me stop you right there because I know what you’re thinking: I’m unattractive. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my mom says I’m very handsome… this is awkward.

Back to my point -- With the increase in exposure and popularity of matchmaking, the dating game has changed.


According to USA Today, more than one-third of recent marriages began online. Sites like OkCupid will evaluate their users to let you know that you and the tall, blond, and good-looking user on your screen are an 87% match. You two are already off on a good start!


While you are already the most attractive reader of this article, I need a favor. I need you to pretend that, besides your gorgeous appearance, incredible values, outstanding education, impeccable personality, and successful career, you also have millions of dollars in the bank. So, what’s the first thing you want? A building named after you. What’s the second thing you want? An offer to be a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars". Okay, what’s the third thing you want? A monogamous relationship built on trust, communication, understanding, and love – Ding!! Ding!! Ding!!


If only there was a matchmaker unhindered by the demands of entertainment TV, where members have the best in values, education, personality, financial stability, and a desire for a monogamous romantic relationship. I’m here to let you know that that place exists.


Richard Easton Limited is a private matchmaking firm dedicated in helping its members find love. Going beyond bringing two like-minded individuals together, REL hand selects people who will compliment each other. Lightening the pressures of dating, REL sends members to the best venues to provide an environment that’s both comfortable and intimate.


REL has offices in New York and London, and becoming a member starts with a conversation. Then, you’ll send in a bio along with a description of the type of person you’re looking to meet. From there, you may be asked for a personal interview and have the opportunity to meet the team.


“We really spend a lot of time with each member of this club. It’s less about their resume and what they look like, but it’s about their true character,” says Greta Tufvesson, Managing Director of Richard Easton Limited.


Times are changing, don’t underestimate matchmaking.


Happy Valentine's Day!



(Photo via Danielle Weinstein/REL)



- Skyler Wahl, YH Staff