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10 Can't-Miss Valentine's Day Date Ideas!

Written by Amanda Baltazar. Published: February 10 2014


Alright, everyone. Now that we’re all settled into the new year, it’s time to start prepping for what February has in store. And what major event happens in February, ladies and gentlemen? Come on now. Say it with me.




Holiest of all romantic holidays... besides your anniversary.


Even if you’re married, engaged, in a relationship, or single and ready to mingle, a fun date night with someone special should always be welcomed. So, if Cupid’s got you lovesick over a certain special someone, go all out this Valentine’s Day; it is on a Friday this year -- this Friday, in fact!


Whether you’re in a long-term committed relationship or if you just met someone and looking to get to know them a little better, here’s a few sure-fire ideas for your Valentine’s Day date:


1. Rock Out at a Concert

Check out if there are any bands or artists playing in your area. An artist you know or even one you don’t know! Try to keep everything relaxed and fun and rock out with your date. Concerts are a great way to let loose and see if you and your date are compatible, or, if you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s a fun way to get out of the boring daily routine.


2. Beach Bum It

Take a day trip to the beach. You can swim, surf, lounge, tan, ride some jet-skis. Whatever you and your date feel like doing. You can thank global warming for this ununsually warm winter we’ve been having. And then at night, camp out and watch the stars and listen to the waves.


3. Dinner and a Movie -- with a Twist

Go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of ingredients to make something you’ve never had before and hit up your Netflix account. Treat your date to a night in! You two can make a meal from a recipe you found online. And after a (hopefully) tasty dinner, settle in and watch a couple movies that you’ve never heard of. Not getting into the movie? That’s cool. Put the TV on mute and come up with your own dialogue. Fun and easy night in doesn’t have to be boring! 


4. Laser Tag

Pretty self-explanatory for this one. If your date is the young-at-heart type who would loves black lights, flow-in-the-dark, and lasers, then this would be perfect! It’s a great way to get the adrenaline pumping and see another side of your date. Have some pizza and play a couple missions. Laser tag is fun at any age and any stage of the relationship.


5. Dave and Buster’s Night

Regular restaurant dinners are nice, but D&B’s is way more fun! They have great food options like any other restaurant, and then you and your date can play some arcade games. I hope you’re good at the crane games, because I love it when my date wins me a stuffed animal prize! Or maybe they can win you one! Challenge your date to an air hockey match or a racing game. D&B’s will always be a night full of fun.


6. Role Play

Take your date to a different city and create different personas. Maybe from your favorite movie or book, and just act it out. It will be fun having different names and being different people. Have dinner and try out that Russian accent you think you’re so good at. It will be a great laugh and fun memories!


7. Ice Skating

This is a great getaway from the usual dates. Dress warm and have some hot chocolate! Skate in circles and fall on your butt! If you’re really smooth, I bet you can convince the rink to announce a couple skate for you and your date for a romantic turn around the ice.  


8. Bowling

Super simple but fun! Make a friendly competition out of it! It’s a great way to get to know someone and show off your skills... or maybe lack thereof. You can always say that you let them win. Maybe even start a friendly wager. Who ever loses buys the next round of drinks? Or maybe loser buys the winner dinner? You can totally plan out your next date with a bet, if the night is going well.


9. Say Cheese and Smile

Go around your town and find all the really touristy spots you avoid because you’re a local. Get a disposable camera and be a tourist in your own town for the day! Take a bunch of pics and discover something new about the place you live. Go get the pictures developed at a one-hour photo (yes, they still exist) and finish off the date with a nice restaurant in your town. Then go back and get your pictures and see how funny you and your date look.


10. Spontaneous Weekend Trip

This date might be better for those who have known their dates for a longer time, but pack a bag for the weekend and go to the airport! Take the cheapest flight to anywhere and spend the weekend in a new place. It will be spontaneous, fun, and something new!


Well? Get to planning! Valentine’s Day is coming up!



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- Amanda Baltazar, YH Staff