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Quick Guide to Universal Studios' Super Nintendo World!

Written by Tashi Rios. Published: February 24 2023


That’s right! Super Nintendo World has officially opened at Universal Studios Hollywood. The iconic brothers Mario and Luigi have been around since the 1980s, but now their game is taken to a whole new level. There’s so much to do here we almost don’t even know where to start! But we'll give it a try -- here's a quick guide to all the best highlights from Super Nintendo World that you need to check out!




The land only has one ride, but it’s definitely the perfect addition. "Mario Kart: Bower’s Challenge" inserts you into a race game with four guests racing through the courses to collect coins and defeat Bowser. The attraction is in 3D and the standby queue has some pretty cool decor. including a large statue of Bowser, racer outfits/helmets, trophies, and more! Guests board karts (like the ones from Mario Kart) and take you through courses like Mario Circuit, Piranha Plant, and, of course, the iconic Rainbow Road. Start your engines!



There is a restaurant called Toadstool Cafe that features Super Mario-inspired food and drinks. The Mario Burger and Luigi Burger each include their little respective hats and mustaches on the top of the bun. There’s the Super Mushroom Soup that is served in a mushroom hat lid and garnished with crackers printed with power-up designs. The Piranha Plant Caprese is a normal caprese plate but with two halves of a tomato and asparagus to mimic the piranha plant. So clever! And for dessert? The Princess Peach Cupcake. It’s a funfetti cupcake with raspberry filling, pink frosting, and a white chocolate crown on top. Very unique!



There’s an activity that’s played throughout the whole land. Guests are able to purchase a Power-Up Band that you can link to your Universal Studios Hollywood app to collect coins to unlock games in the park. This can be through blocks, badges, or Key Challenges that are found all around. There are four Key Challenges: Goomba Crazy Crank, Piranha Plant Nap Mishap, Koopa Troopa POWer Punch, and Thwomp Power Panel Panic. Kiosks are located near the entrance or can be found at the 1UP Factory. It’s like you’re really in the game!



The 1UP Factory is made to sell Mario-inspired merchandise. There are multiple items featuring the Mario Kart logo with Mario driving his kart in all different colors. They even have Boo T-shirts! There are a variety of T-shirts with the characters' faces blown up large like Yoshi, Bowser Jr, Bowser, Mario, and Luigi. There are several headband options, like Princess Peach’s crown with yellow tulle, Boo, or a mushroom one. And, of course, plush toys are involved. Even Blooper, Bob-Omb, and Chef Toad. So much to choose from!


Because the demand is so high, Universal Studio opened a Virtual Line reservation to ensure your spot in the land. It’s not required, but does help so you don’t miss out on any of the Mario fun!