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02-24-2023 by Ahshara Colon



Debbie, a London-based singer, is the newest musician taking the R&B scene by storm.


“For the past 700 days, I have been writing, re-writing, making ideas, scrapping ideas, singing, recording, and finding myself," writes Debbie on her Spotify profile. Also a perfect introduction to Debbie as an artist and a precursor to the type of music you can expect to hear from her. Debbie's warm and acoustic tones echo through the headphones of anyone who listens. She began her career at open mic nights and music competitions before she was discovered. She majored in economics as a backup to music, but after taking a few classes in music, she realized where she wanted to be. She grew up surrounded by gospel music and is now signed to 0207 Def Jam Recordings. 


Her debut single, “Is this Real Love”, features rich guitar strums and deep meaning behind soulful lyrics. The song surrounds the reality surrounding relationships on social media and the misconceptions that can result from a single picture: “Are we setting the goal? / Should we give them a show with a picture?” Since then, she has released songs like “Firebabe” withStormzy and a new remix to “Is this Real Love” featuring singer Lucky Daye.




Not only has Debbie released her own music, she has also sung a cover of “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé. Her excellent remix and take on the song has reached over a million views on TikTok. Her amazing vocals shine bright in this cover as she puts a different spin on a classic.




One of her newer singles, “Cousin's Car”, talks about escapism and having the freedom to just take a break from life. Everyone needs an escape every once in a while, even if it’s just going to drive and vibe to some music. Debbie connects to those people through this song.




Drawing inspiration from life and past mistakes, Debbie uses those experiences to create really raw and authentic music. It’s all about living and creating, because for Debbie, you can’t create unless you live. 


Speaking of escapism, Debbie will be supporting Raye on her upcoming tour throughout the U.K. You may have heard of Raye from the popular song “Escapism” -- “A little context if you care to listen… that man that I love sat me down last night…” -- Yep, that’s the song! Debbie is making big career moves. She is speaking into existence an album and some more singles, which is super exciting! Not only is Debbie making amazing music, she is also showing that it’s never too late to start doing what you love. Take a lyric out of her song and know that, even if you don’t have a plan right now, it’s okay to escape and do what you feel is right. Check out Debbie’s songs on Spotify and Apple Music, maybe borrow your cousin's car, go anywhere you want, and take a listen.