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Quick Guide to the Most Useful Emojis!

Written by Amanda Baltazar. Published: October 21 2014


If you own a smartphone, then chances are you have emojis installed, and if you don’t, then you should go get it now. Emojis are the colorful and wonderful emoticons of texting and communication on mobile smartphones. They bring a different and amusing way to express your true emotions and feelings all through texting when simple words are inadequate!

There are hundreds and hundreds of different emojis to choose from, from hearts and faces to buildings and animals, and a huge assortment of random miscellaneous emojis. So many to choose from and one for almost any and every occasion -- but how and when are the most appropriate times to use certain emojis?


Here is a list of some of the funniest and most useful emojis along with some seemingly-useless-but-used-more-than-you-thought-you-would-use emojis!


The Unamused Face

This is definitely one of my most-used emojis. Whenever I need to express my discontent and show that I’m rolling my eyes, this emoji fits the bill.


The Smirk

Whenever I’m feeling sneaky, or when I want to troll someone, this is my go-to emoji. There are many different occasions to use the smirk emoji, and it equivalent to the winky-face emoticon (but not to be confused with the winky-face emoji... it's a fine line, people!).


The Sobbing Face

The emoji with tears streaming down his face is used on the daily on my phone. Usually expressing how sad I am about an unfortunate circumstance or situation that just occurred in my life.


The Raised Hands

I use this emoji to show my praises to an object or situation.


Praying Hands (AKA the High-Five)

These are supposedly two hands high-fiving, but I use it as a praying-to-the-universe emoji. Now would be a good time to say that many emojis can be used for a multitude of different emotions and interpretations.


Buff Arm

This is usually included in all my texts about how I hate going to the gym. On occasion, I also use it to help explain how buff and macho or muscly a boy or girl is that I am probably interacting with.


Dancing Girl

One word: Fierce. This emoji is almost always placed before or after the fire emoji to show that this girl is hot and on fire!



It’s just worth mentioning that there’s five or six different colored hearts to tickle your fancy, so if typical red hearts don’t do it for you, don’t fret.



The Snapchat ghost logo some how weaseled his way into emojis. This one probably doesn’t get used much, but when he does, it’s a pretty fun text.



Much like the ghost emoji, the poop emoji can (and should) only be used for fun-intensive purposes.



‘Nuff said. Cheers!



Haven’t used these much but worth noting their existence in case you're ever at the hospital or camping or visiting a castle.



There’s a whole section of emojis that I have never used, ever. From shapes and analog clocks with different times to zodiac glyphs and other random things, I use only one emoji from this WHOLE last section, and that is 100 with two underlines underneath it. It helps me show my approval of the said text and sometimes emphasizes the text when I am “keepin' it one-hunnid”.


These are only a few of the many, many emojis that have graced the presence of texting. Rumor has it, more emojis are being made, and we only welcome their arrival.


Which is your favorite or most-used emojis??


(Screenshots via my iPhone)


- Amanda Baltazar, YH Staff