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Q&A: Skip Marley

Written by Brooke Rudisill. Published: August 24 2015

TheMarleygene never “skips” a beat in their long line of musical talent that runs through the bloodlines of their artistic family. 18-year-oldSkip Marleyis no exception, and boy, does he not disappoint!


Although this family is known for their reggae sound that has captivated the world for decades, this newcomer -- and grandson of the legandary Bob Marley -- brings along his own creative sound that makes him different than what we have previously been so used to hearing.




YH: You’ve previously said that you have such a close family and that you are always playing music with your cousins. Can we expect any collaborations in the near future?‬

SM: Yes, we are a very close family, always together, so there's bound to be a collaboration. Yes, there will be something like that soon.‬


YH: Your grandfather, Bob Marley, is clearly a huge influence in your music, but what other genres or artists really moved/inspired you to find your own style?‬

SM: Well, besides my grandfather, I'm influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Kendrick Lamar, the Rolling Stones, to name a few; they all have great style and musicality.‬


YH: What’s the inspiration behind “Cry to Me”‬?

SM: The inspiration behind "Cry To Me" is from a personal experience I was dealing with at the time, and just seeing all these girls with insecurities, so I wrote this song for them, to uplift and give them good, positive energy.‬


YH: Coming from such a musical family, you often get compared to a lot your relatives, but what is it about Skip that this industry hasn’t seen yet and what is it about your own style that makes you unique?‬

SM: We have similar sound but not the same. You definitely won't hear the same sound repeated. What makes me unique is being myself.‬


YH: If you could collaborate with any artist – past or present – whom would you wish to work with?‬

SM: There's too many to list, but I love all genres of music. I just love music, so there will definitely be upcoming collaborations with various talented artists.‬


YH: We hear that you are currently working on a new EP; what can fans expect from your upcoming music? Also, will there possibly be a tour anytime soon?‬

SM: Well, on my new EP, fans can look forward to very different music than what they are expecting. It's overall good, positive music with some songs for the ladies. I am actually about to begin the Catch A Fire Tour at the end of August with my uncles [Stephen Marley and Damian Marley]. I am looking forward.‬


With influencers such as B. Marley, Hendrix, Lamar, and the Rolling Stones, S. Marley has been able to find his own unique style and sound that we rarely seem to come across. Make sure to follow Skip on his social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud. You will not want to miss out on seeing this talent perform live on his upcoming tour kicking off at the end of this month!


(Photo via High Rise PR)


- Brooke Rudisill, YH Contributing Writer