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Q&A: Ryan Cabrera

Written by . Published: March 11 2015


Since his last album, The Moon Under Water, in 2008, platinum singer-songwriter Ryan Cabrera is back on the scene with his latest EP Wake Up Beautiful, released on March 3. The EP is a perfect mix of melodies, ranging from the hit single and feel-good track “House on Fire” to the more soft-sounding and heartfelt “Forgot How To Fly”. And the release of Wake Up Beautiful is just the beginning for Ryan this year, as later this month he’s set to head out on the Radio Revival Tour with Secondhand Serenade!


Here’s what he had to say himself about his latest project:


YH: It’s been almost 7 years since the release of your last album The Moon Under Water, which is super exciting! What can your fans expect from your new EP Wake Up Beautiful?

RC: They should expect a wide variety of different styles. Overall, it's a very fun, positive collection of songs I've been writing over the past few years. There's a song for whatever different vibe you might be in at a certain time!


YH: You wrote all of the songs on this EP; is there a certain process that’s put into place when it comes to you and writing? 

RC: Most often I write the music first, then come up with a concept and see where the melody takes the song. I’ll make a demo, live with it for a while, then go back and try to make it even stronger.


YH: What’s one thing about this EP that hardly anyone knows that you’d like to share?

RC: The entire EP is only performed by two people: Justin Gray and I. Normally you hire a bunch of musicians to come and play every different instrument, but we kept it to our hands only.


YH: Allof the songs on this EP have a feel-good vibe to them, all the while capturing a range of different emotions. Where did you find your inspiration behind this EP?

RC: Life experience. I like to think that, the more we are open and experience different things, the more enlightened we’ll become. I love life and people and want my music to express that.


YH: And with that being said, do you have a favorite track? 

RC: They are all my babies for different reasons. I love performing “House on Fire” live. I love the sentiment of “I See Love”. I love the friendly vibe of “Sing Along”, the light-hearted production of “Forgot How To Fly”, and the emotion of “All We Have”.


YH: Using three words, describe Wake Up Beautiful

RC: Wild, rollercoaster, party.


YH: You’ve been in the music business for a while. Do you have any tips for aspiring singer/songwriters?

RC: Don't ever forget that your music represents you and there's only opinions in art, so make your art truly yours, not based on what anyone else tries to tell you to do.


YH: What do you hope your fans take away from listening to Wake Up Beautiful?

RC: I hope it leaves them in a beautiful mood and makes them even more excited that there's a full-length album coming soon! I gotta leave ‘em wanting more.


If you haven’t already, make sure to download Wake Up Beautiful and catch Ryan on tour in a city near you soon!


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- Gabi Crowley, YH Staff