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'Predator' Sequel 'Prey' Takes The Franchise Back To Its Roots!

06-15-2022 by Noah Turner



“Why do you want to hunt?”


“Because you all think that I can’t.”


The Predator series is back! And this time, the sci-fi franchise is taking a step back in time. After lackluster results from the Shane Black reboot back in 2018, the franchise is seemingly trying to de-commit from the humorous approach and return to its roots as a visceral game of cat-and-mouse where hunters become the hunted with Prey. The film is slated for an August 5 straight-to-streaming release on both Hulu and Disney+. 




The film follows Naru (played by "Roswell, New Mexico" star Amber Midthunder), a young member of the Comanche Nation, who is hoping to prove her capabilities as a warrior and hunter. Unfortunately for her, her mission to protect and hunt for her tribe brings her in the path of the alien warrior we all know and love(?) from past films who, as we all know, hunts the capable. The two begin an epic battle where only the apex hunter will survive.


The Predator itself also takes a step back in time with a new, distinctly primitive look, going for a more primordial hunter aesthetic compared to the sleeker metallic look of past features. However, judging from the inlcusion of its iconic clicking sounds, patented laser-guided weaponry, emblematic invisibility, and all that mud, the cult creature remains fundamentally the same.


The film is a great step forward for representation. The movie is produced by Jhane Myers, who herself is a member of the Comanche Nation, as well as being an artist who is renowned for the inclusion of accurate Native culture in her work. It also contains a cast made up of almost entirely of First Nation and Native actors. On top of this, the film will also include a fantastic option that allows the viewer to watch it dubbed in the authentic Comanche language, which is the first of its kind in the industry. One can only hope that this desire to have marginalized groups tell their own stories in an authentic way sets a new precedent for the industry.


Prey hits Hulu and Disney+ on August 5th.