Part 3 of "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Looks Darker Than Ever & We Are Here For It!

01-16-2020 by Katie Marzullo

  ( © Netflix)  


Ah, just this past October, I was thinking to myself how empty Halloween seemed without any new “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” to watch, and how it seemed like an eternity since we last saw our favorite gang of witches and mortals living side-by-side in the Riverdale-adjacent town of Greendale.


Some ghoulish spirit must have heard my silent yearnings – or, Netflix did, anyway – because the trailer for Season 2 of the deliciously spooky series just dropped!


As you might or might not remember from the second-half of Season 1 last Spring, Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) discovered that she has been tapped by Satan himself to rule with him as his Queen of Hell, unleashing new crazy powers that has even Father Blackwood and Lilith shook! The Dark Lord then shows up in his angelic form to crown Sabrina, but she conspires with Lilith and her friends to trap his soul.


Things go awry, though, and his soul ends up being trapped inside Sabrina’s boyfriend, Nick. Ooopsie! Meanwhile, Lilith crowns herself Queen of Hell, and Sabrina vows to plunge into the very depths of Hell itself to find her man.


Now, in the trailer for Season 2 (which Netflix is referring to as “Part 3”… ugh okay fine), things are clearly getting a lot crazier.


Looks like the Devil is still trying to convince Sabrina to take her “rightful” place as Queen of Hell, which will no doubt cause some (already existing) friction between Sabrina and the current usurper Queen Lilith. Sabrina puts it all on the line to bring her boo back from Hell without compromising herself, her friends, and her beloved town… all while maintaining passing grades in high school (I’m guessing).




Not a lot of encouraging news in this trailer for any lingering Harvina shippers out there; however, it looks like Prudence is now firmly on the side of “good” (whatever that means in a story about witches and demons, but you know what I’m saying), and I think Demon-Nick might be even hotter than Regular Nick? Maybe that’s just me (don’t kink-shame me!)… And OH do I spy Ambrose and Prudence getting freaky?! Nightspell Nation, rise!!!


Season 2--er, Part 3 of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” drops on Netflix next Friday, January 24!